Building A Brand 101

Learn How To Elevate Your Brand

Bands Before Riches Building A Brand 101

The perfect formula to take your clothing brand from local to nation level. Learn how to leverage your social media following turn fans to customers. Don't have a social presence we have the formally for that also inside the courses. Learn how to build relationships with manufactures to guarantee your producing the best possible products for your brand.

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Here's a just a few things you'll find in the course 


  • Logos - What makes a logo, and why you need it.
  • Embellishment - Heat Press, Screen Printing, etc.
  • Wholesale - Sourcing and Selling
  • Marketing - Advertising and Influencers
  • Mentorship - Who and what to watch 
  • Trademark - How to protect your company
  • Website - Platforms and Domains
  • Finance - Cost and Profit
  • And More